915 - DDM

3 Years Old Server

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Game Features

- Left Click to Wear/UnWear
- Character Render on Character Window
- Stats Calculator on Character Window
- Item and Skill Information New Template
- Vehicle Selection on Character Window
- Addstats on ChatBox Function(/addstats pow x)
- Latest Item
- NPC Item Cart [Hot|New]
- Item Preview [Hot|New]
- NPC Dialog Window
- 237 Skill
- Pull Push Function
- Reflect and Immune Skill
- Transform Skill
- Balance Damage, HP Regen Every Class
- All Class Usable
- No Imba or Overpower damage
- Free +9 Expiry Items
- Hunt your own item
- Latest and Premium Set,Weapon are Free
- Option Randomizer [Hot|New]
- Item Mixer [Hot|New]
- 24/7 Online
- 3 Years Old Server
- Every Characters have a unique ability
- Stable Auto Patch Launcher
- Party Window(Changeable Option) [Hot|New]
- Item and Skill Information Icon [Hot|New]
- Item Link Chat [Hot|New]
- Vehicle [Hot|New]
- Login, Create, Select Character Page [Hot|New]
- Character Item Viewer [Hot|New]
- PK Streak [Hot|New]
- Own Anti Cheat System(Defender)[Hot|New]
- Anti Auto Potion [Hot|New]
- Anti Cheat Engine [Hot|New]
- No Cheat Server

You can Party your friends or gang-mate easily.

Item Preview and NPC Dialog new template with Item CART.

237 Skill and New Template Skill Window

Item Mixer

New Party Window

Chat Item Link

New Login and Select Character Page

PK Streak

Advance Character Window

Advance Vehicle Window

Latest Item

Option Randomizer

Item\Skill New Information

New Vehicle - Mustang, Reventon, DreamBike, TronBike

Character Item Viewer + Stats Checker (NO BIAS)

PvP Features

- Club War
~ Events with VIP Rewards
- Club Death Match
- Last Man Standing
- School War (PK) [Hot|New]
- School War (CTF OFFICIAL) [Hot|New]
- PK War [Hot|New]
- Party vs Party

School War CTF Everyday at 9PM GMT+8

PK War Everyday at 3PM GMT+8

Club War every Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 7-8PM GMT+8

CDM every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7-8PM GMT+8

School War PK Everyday at 1PM GMT+8


- Easy Portal
- Boss Hunt
- Lots of Leveling Map
- Newbie Boss Hunt [Hot|New]
- Newbie Leveling Map [Hot|New]
- Added More Boss for Newbie [Hot|New]

Boss Hunt Map

Market Place

Leveling Map

Event Features

- Slot Event
- Q/A Event
- Bring me Event
- Find me Event
- Suryun Event
- Wedding Event

Slot Event

Wedding Event